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Services to Other Accounting Firms

Enhancing Audit and Accounting Quality in the Profession

As members of the AICPA who are actively involved in the Peer Review Practice Monitoring Program, we provide services to accounting firms to assist them in complying with professional standards and enhancing the quality of their A&A Practice.

Peer Review

Corbets & Associates performs both system and engagement reviews under the AIPCA Practice Monitoring Program. Rather than just performing the basic review, we also look to provide guidance and recommendations that can improve the firm's ability to efficiently and effectively provide quality attest services. 

Engagement Quality Control/Pre-Issuance Reviews

For accounting firms that need to have external reviews of specific engagements, for firms that just want to outsource a quality control function, or would like a second set of eyes on a new engagement or industry, we can provide these services on a recurring or onetime as needed basis.  As with all the services we provide, we look to provide you with guidance that will enhance your ability to provide quality service your clients on the engagements we review.

Monitoring, Consulting Reviews and Quality Control Services

Practice monitoring and maintain a well-developed system of quality control are not only a requirement of professional standards, but are more important than ever in being able to properly service your attest clients.  In addition to offering peer reviews, we also offer quality control consulting services to CPA firms.  If you feel you do not have the in-house expertise to perform your own monitoring or you just do not have the time and energy to devote to performing and documenting and annual inspection, we can do that for you.  If you are preparing for your first peer review or just want to be more prepared for your next peer review, we can help.